About Me

Yeah that’s me. I know, it’s terribly exciting, isn’t it?

You are here because you want to know about me.
Not much to tell, really…

Ben Chambers

Stuff and Things

I’m an indoors man. I don’t get out much and don’t feel the need to. Today’s technology makes it too easy to keep in contact with friends and family without leaving the comfort of our homes. I like video games, movies, tabletop wargaming and other indoor-related activities.

Work Experience

2001 – 2003
I started off slow, leaving school to start job-hopping from car detailing jobs to desktop publishing and graphic design assistants while studying Multimedia IT.

2004 – 2005
I worked for a real estate, creating advertising and looking after property listings as well as other real-estatey jobs that required doing. During this time I also drew some cartoon illustrations for a book called “getting comfortable” by John Hart.

2005 – 2009
These 4 years were spent working for an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company, building/updating lots of websites as well as optimising them.

2009 – Today
I am currently freelancing, designing and building websites as well as the occasional cartoon or logo design job that comes my way.